Mark Sanchez Claims “Camp Arm” Comment about Tim Tebow Got Misconstrued

Over a month ago, Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Mark Sanchez reported that the team only signed on Tim Tebow to practice while Sam Bradford recuperates. Now Sanchez is attempting to clarify the comment that became wildly misconstrued (via ESPN).

“I think that kind of came off the wrong way,” Sanchez said last week regarding his words about Tim Tebow being just a camp arm. “At least it was not exactly what I intended to say. It took on a life of its own. Listen, everybody’s here for a reason. We’re all working hard, trying to make each other better. Coach wanted specific guys here for specific reasons. That’s up to coach. We just plug in and play.”

Sanchez never technically called Tebow a “camp arm”, but the way he described Tebow’s presence on the team effectively shared the same meaning. These were Sanchez’ exact words:

“And we needed another guy to throw while Sam’s (Bradford) still recovering. So that’s the reason (for the signing), at least as explained to me.”

It is reported that Tebow was never offended by Sanchez’ off comment and that he is just thankful for the chance to play for the NFL again. The two quarterbacks spent the 2012 season together when Tebow was Sanchez tag-team backup quarterback for the New York Jets. We all know how that experiment turned out.

Why Sanchez is now taking the time to clarify his comment is unknown. Perhaps it could finally be sinking in that Tebow is legitimately there to compete for the starting job as reported by head coach Chip Kelly. It could also be that whoever explained Tebow’s purpose on the team to Sanchez originally did not do so accurately.

Either way, the Eagles do not seem to be downplaying Tebow’s role on the team at this time. Kelly recently claimed his plan was to have a four quarterbacks on the team during the preseason. Whether four are still on the roster once the regular season begins will play out over training camp.

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