Matthew Stafford not considering a Quarterback tutor


Matthew Stafford not considering a Quarterback tutor

How many of you got majorly burned by Stafford’s lack of production and horrible fantasy points during the final weeks of the fantasy season? Me! I was one of those victims. I have to say I’m seriously nervous to trust him as my fantasy quarterback next year. How about you?

Courtesy of Rotoworld: “Asked Friday whether he would consider working with a quarterback guru during the offseason, Matthew Stafford replied “It’s not my thing.”
The Lions’ coaching staff under Jim Schwartz and Scott Linehan has consistently let Stafford wing it in terms of fundamentals, which has resulted in wild ups and downs.  “It’s not something that I feel would be my style or beneficial to me,” said Stafford.  “I have not (considered a QB tutor).”  There are problems outside of mechanics that have led to Stafford’s inconsistency, but it was clearly a major issue for the second straight year in 2013, particularly down the stretch.  The Lions’ next coaching staff needs to make polishing up Stafford a primary priority for the offseason. Dec 27 – 2:32 PM”
Source: Kyle Meinke on Twitter

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