Fantasy Football Mock Draft Wide Receiver-Strong Team

Fantasy Football: Drafting a Wide Receiver-Strong Team In this mock draft, I had pick 10 of 12 teams on a three-wide receiver, two-running back team format. I utilized the draft strategy of emphasizing on building a wide receiver strong team, and here are my results.
1.10   Dez Bryant, WR, Dallas Cowboys With Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas and Jimmy Graham gone, Dez was my best pick here. He should see upwards of 90-100 targets just as he has the past two years. 2.3     Brandon Marshall, WR, Chicago Bears I know Marshall will share the field with Alshon Jeffery, but both produced incredible numbers in 2013 ending up ranking in the top 10 wide receivers. They should continue the pattern this season. 3.10   Andre Ellington, RB, Arizona Cardinals In definite need of a RB here, the second-year Ellington is primed to go off this season as the lead carrier for the Cardinals. 4.3     Victor Cruz, WR, New York Giants A bit risky, but Eli Manning just has to have a better season in 2014, and Cruz should bounce back to near WR1 fantasy value. 5.10   Frank Gore, RB, SF 49ers Gore could be looking at a cut in his carries with the emergence of Marcus Lattimore and Carlos Hyde, so the fantasy points will be down a little. This would call for a possible switch out with my next choice, Ben Tate from week to week. 6.3     Ben Tate, RB, Cleveland Browns 7.10   Tony Romo, QB, Dallas Cowboys Ok, Tony Romo haters let it out. Romo has been in the top 10 quarterbacks for the past two seasons. He passes tons and the interceptions are down. Plus how fun is watching Romo and Bryant make fantasy points together? 8.3     Fred Jackson, RB Buffalo Bills Jackson surprised us all last year, when he stepped up and handily out-played C.J. Spiller, ranking 10th to Spiller's 27th ranking in 2013. If he stays healthy, Jackson will get his work. 9.10   Brandin Cooks, WR, New Orleans Saints Risky, but when one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL gets his team to trade up to make a draft pick, Cooks must be in the Saints' plans for 2014. He had 128 targets with 1,730 receiving yards and 16 touchdowns last year at Oregon State. 10.3    Bernard Pierce, RB, Baltimore Ravens Boom or bust here, but Pierce will get work while covering for the suspended Ray Rice. If he proves worthy, he could continue to get looks. 11.10  Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers Reputable backup, or starter for when Romo might be faced with a more challenging week. 12.3     Kelvin Benjamin, WR, Carolina Panthers Going with another rookie gamble here, but the 6'-5" Benjamin could get his targets among some veterans who aren't exactly in their prime. 13.10   Eric Debron, TE, Detroit Lions If Ebron gets used in a "Jimmy Graham" type of role, he could be hidden fantasy gold with a quarterback who passes as much as Matthew Stafford does. 14.3     Cincinnati Bengals DEF 15.10   Robbie Gould, K, Chicago Bears You can check out the overall mock draft results at While you're there, check out eDraft's new live mock drafting tool for yourself. It's a quick and efficient way to practice fantasy football mock drafting. -FFC

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