Which NFL Quarterback Has The Hottest WAG?

It's the typical quarterback gets the pretty girl story for several of our NFL quarterbacks.  So, here are some of the beautiful WAGS (wives or girlfriends) top my list. Enjoy and at the end, please participate in my poll. -FFC   Matthew Stafford's girlfriend, Kelly Hall - she's the one in the front in case you are wondering.
Courtesy: coedbc.files.wordpress.com Kelly Hall
  Aaron Rodgers latest girlfriend, hot Olivia Munn.
Courtesy: obsessedwithsports.com Olivia Munn
  Eric Decker's cute wife, Jessie James-Decker
Courtesy: timeinc.net Jessie James Decker
  Jay Cutler's wife, Kristin Cavallari. I'm not lying.
Courtesy: sportscracklepop.com Kristin Cavallari
  Ryan Tannehill's trophy wife, Lauren.
Courtesy: jobsnhire.com Lauren Tannehill
  A.J. McCarron's fiancee', Katherine Webb.
Courtesy: nydailynews.com Katherine Webb
   Tony Romo's sexy wife, Candice Crawford
Courtesy: badgoneblog.com Candice Crawford
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