NFL Fantasy Players for the Ladies

NFL Fantasy Players for the Ladies Not just catering to the men in this category, here's a little NFL Fantasy eye candy for the ladies.   Reggie Bush, Running Back Detroit Lions
Courtesy: NFL Fantasy Reggie Bush
  Matt Forte, Running Back Chicago Bears
Courtesy: Fantasy NFL Matt Forte
  Rob Gronkowski, Tight End New England Patriots
Courtesy: NFL Fantasy Rob Gronkowski
  Dez Bryant, Wide Receiver Dallas Cowboys
Courtesy: NFL Fantasy Dez Bryant
  Tom Brady, Quarterback New England Patriots
Courtesy: NFL Fantasy Tom Brady
  Pierre Garcon, Wide Receiver Washington Redskins
Courtesy: NFL Fantasy Pierre Garcon
  Cam Newton, Quarterback Carolina Panthers
Courtesy: NFL Fantasy Cam Newton
  Eric Decker, Wide Receiver New York Jets
Courtesy: NFL Fantasy Eric Decker
  Colin Kaepernick, Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers NFL Fantasy Colin Kaepernick
  Victor Cruz, Wide Receiver New York Giants
Courtesy: NFL Fantasy Victor Cruz
  You didn't think you'd get through this spread without a picture of Mark Sanchez, Quarterback Philadelphia Eagles
Courtesy: NFL Fantasy Mark Sanchez
  Vernon Davis, Tight End San Francisco 49ers
Courtesy: NFL Fantasy Vernon Davis
I hope you enjoyed some of the NFL's finest Man Candy. If you need some lady-crushing, be sure to visit

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