The NFL WAGS of Tom Brady and Wes Welker

The NFL WAGS of Tom Brady and Wes Welker It has been a whole season since Wes Welker played for the New England Patriots under quarterback Tom Brady. One has to wonder whether the competition between the two remains friendly now that Welker is playing for one of Brady's top competitors in quarterback, Peyton Manning. Setting that aside, who's winning at life more with their gorgeous wife standing by their side? Here's a look at Welker's jaw-dropping wife, Anna Burns-Welker to get started. Looking smashing in red.
Courtesy: NFLWAG Anna Burns Welker
Animal print pants out of control?
Courtesy: NFLWAG Anna Burns Welker
Shower scene of course.
Courtesy: NFLWAG: Anna Welker
Good with her pet goat?
Courtesy: NFLWAG: Anna Burns Welker
The cute couple together.
Courtesy: NFLWAG Anna Welker and Wes Welker
Here's Brady's super model and super hot wife, Gisele Bundchen
Courtesy: NFLWAG Gisele Bundchen
Anyone missing a horse?
Courtesy: NFLWAG Gisele Bundchen
Also looks fab in red.
Cour;tesy: NFLWAG: Gisele Bundchen
More animal print pants..
Courtesy: NFLWAG Gisele Bundchen
Handsome couple.
Courtesy: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen
Who's your favorite NFL WAG? Do you prefer Anna Burns Welker or Gisele Bundchen?
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