NFL’s Best Smiles In Honor of “National Smile Day”

In honor of “National Smile Day“, here are some NFL players including some of their sexy NFL WAGS (wives and girlfriends) who have some of the best smiles out there.

One of the best smiles in the NFL is Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, Larry Fitzgerald

Cam Newton hasn’t had much to smile about these days, but maybe that will change in Week 5 against the Bears.

Cam Newton Smile

Stud on the field and with that smile, is San Diego Chargers tight end, Antonio Gates

Antonio Gates Smile

Eric Decker left Peyton Manning for Geno Smith, but hey, he’s still got that killer smile to fall back on.

Eric Decker Smile

Gorgeous Mrs. Eric Decker and her sultry smile.

Jessie James Decker Smile

Alex Smith is smiling and Colin Kaepernick is not. Sign of things to come when the two teams meet in Week 5?

Of course he gets all the hot women – Reggie Bush’s smile demands nothing less.

Reggie Bush Smile

Loving the dimples here on DeMarcus Ware.

DeMarcus Ware smile

Blake Bortles has nice smile.

So does his gorgeous girlfriend, NFL WAG Lindsey Duke. She’s the one in the front, by the way.

Lindsey Duke Smile

Andrew Luck, goofy grin and all, does lighten up a room.

Andrew Luck smile

Tony Romo doesn’t always get it right on the field, but his bright smile makes you mad at him just bit less.

Victor Cruz and the Giants are finally coming to life, giving Cruz all the more to smile about.

Victor Cruz smile

Last week the 49ers finally won their first game in their new stadium – smile, Colin Kaepernick!

Colin Kaepernick smile
Aaron Rodgers smile

Her quarterback is finally playing decent football, making Olivia Munn all smiles.

Olivia Munn Smile

I’m not a fan of A.J. McCarron’s not-so-pretty smile, so here’s if wife Katherine Webb, who’s got a knock-out smile.

Katherine Webb smile

After all this, my favorite smile to celebrate #InternationalSmileDay is Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald Smile

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