Did The Raiders Choose The Right Running Back?

Did The Raiders Choose The Right Running Back?

So in what seems to be an unexpected move by the Raiders, they have decided to stick with their injury-blessed running back, Darren McFadden for one more year and $4 million. Say what? Did they not see how efficiently Rashad Jennings played as he covered for McFadden week in and week out? Jennings even played when he was slightly injured, showing how tough he could be.

Jennings isn’t jilted, fortunately, as he is about to sign an offer with the New York Giants if all goes his way when he meets with them.

Did the Raiders just cop out? McFadden surely won’t last more than a half dozen games in 2014, so they’ll need a backup plan for sure. Perhaps Donald Brown would be a good fit. Thoughts? -FFC

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