Ravens’ Joe Flacco Doesn’t want to Listen to “That Maniac Steve Smith”

Ravens’ Joe Flacco Doesn’t want to Listen to “That Maniac Steve Smith”

courtesy: helmet2helmet.com
courtesy: helmet2helmet.com

The Baltimore Ravens face the Carolina Panthers this Sunday in a very much anticipated meeting between wide receiver Steve Smith and his former Panthers’ team. When quarterback Joe Flacco was asked about what he expects to see out of the typically fired-up Smith, he had this to comment on Smith, reported by ESPN.com.

If I pay attention to that maniac on Sunday, who knows how I’m going to play? He’s going to want the ball — probably every single down — and if I don’t get it to him, and I pay attention to how he reacts to that, then I’m going to be in trouble, and I’m going to feel bad, and then we’re not going to play the way we should.

When Smith was asked about his new quarterback referring to him as a “maniac”, this is how he responded..

That was a back-handed compliment, I guess. I play with a passion. I know when I’m on your team, you love me; when I’m not on your team, you despise me. At the end of the day, that’s my job. My job is to make you think twice when you play me, when you cover me and when you have to think about me.

It sounds as if the boisterous and passionate Smith and his quiet, dull quarterback, Flacco get along just fine behind the scenes. Sunday’s matchup should be a thrilling one to watch nevertheless. Smith has previously said that when he meets up for his former team, there’s going to be “blood and guts everywhere”. Let’s hope that is not a literal but more of a figurative statement.

Play Smith on your fantasy teams this week, because it sounds like he’s going to get the ball plenty and if we’re lucky, he’ll find the end zone just to show his former team what they’re missing out on.

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