Ravens’ Ray Rice Gets Standing Ovation, Really?

Ravens' Ray Rice Gets Standing Ovation, Really?
courtesy: cbssports.com
courtesy: cbssports.com
Baltimore Ravens' running back Ray Rice has the subject of a major controversial debate since being suspended for just two games in violation with the NFL's personal conduct policy. Despite the sensitivity of the whole domestic violence occurrence, it would appear that Rice rises to the top when it comes to his fans, as he actually received a standing ovation before last night's game. Really now. People are applauding Rice, who is the subject of national anger for his offseason behavior which included smacking his fiancée' now wife unconscious then dragging her helpless body out of an elevator. Upon receiving the applause, Rice had these comments to share reported by the Baltimore Sun (via NFL.com).
It means the world to me. You know what, everything that I've been through, I don't take anything for granted any more, especially going out there and playing in front of our fans.
I would have to hope that the applause and appreciation of Rice falls within an extreme minority, as this is an awful and distasteful situation that really deserves no praise. People's opinions obviously are extremely harsh and negative towards Rice. Opinions?

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