Ray Rice “I See Why People Commit Suicide” Now Hopes to Play for “Anybody”

Former Baltimore Ravens’ running back Ray Rice hasn’t worked with the NFL since 2013. After having his suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy overturned last November, Rice found himself a free agent who did not draw an ounce of interest from any of the NFL teams last year.

With the free agency approaching and his hopes set that he will eventually play somewhere, Rice  told Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun that he feels his time off bought “three good years.”

While Rice seems to be in a positive place right now, he also shared some dark, down times he went through after the video emerged of him punching his now wife, which ultimately led to his release by the Ravens.

Honestly, I almost felt like at one point that it wasn’t worth living. I see why people commit suicide. It hurt that bad. I was low, real low. It hurt that bad because you worked your whole life to do all the right things and then you’re the world’s most hated person. It was tough. It was really tough. I got low to a place where I’ve never been.

Rice expressed gratitude for his family and for his faith for helping him through his difficult times. Now, anxious and ready to get back on the playing field, Rice had this to say when specifically asked about playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It’s safe to say I would play for anybody right now. I know Baltimore wouldn’t like it, but I would play for anybody right now.

Whether the 28-year-old running back gets on offer to join Pittsburgh’s top running back LeVeon Bell, or draws interest from any other NFL teams this season remains to be seen.

Over the course of Rice’s six-year career with the Baltimore Ravens, totaled 6,180 rushing yards and 37 touchdowns at an average of 4.3 yards per carry.

Ultimately, Rice who said he doesn’t mind if he shares carries, just wants to “get on the field and contribute.”

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