Robert Griffin III Regressing; Time to Worry?

Robert Griffin III Regressing; Time to Worry?


Washington’s starting quarterback, Robert Griffin III will likely sit out in today’s game. If so, this solidifies that he enters the regular season without a touchdown drive in his three preseason games. A regression in his whole mechanics seems have transpired for which ESPN analyst, Ron Jaworski has confirmed, (via Perhaps it’s time to worry.

After hours of watching RGIII on film, Jaworski has reported.. They have regressed in the fundamental way of throwing the football. His throwing slot, his footwork, his inability to remain consistent in that.

What probably caused RGIII to be held under a microscope has been his preseason sloppy play, and lack of being able to properly slide.

Jaworski further reported on what it takes to effectively play against NFL defenses by stating..

Because you have to play from the pocket, you have to play smart. Bill Walsh said it best: You have to process information quickly, and that’s really what the position is about.

Anyone who watched RGIII in action last week against the Baltimore Ravens probably cringed at his amateur performance where he completed just five of eight passing attempts for a meager 20 yards, achieving a passer rating of 27.1 for the day.

Should we be worried? Or more specifically, should those who have already drafted him, or are deciding on whether RGIII makes an ideal fantasy quarterback be worried. I certainly would be at this point in time, and would probably only draft him as a backup as things stand now. Sadly the way RGIII performs when the regular season kicks off, impacts the fantasy value of receivers Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson. Draft wisely.

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