Ronnie Hillman calls Peyton Manning critics ‘fake fans’

The Denver Broncos are undefeated despite some very sloppy quarterback play by Peyton Manning this season.

To date, the quarterback has thrown 10 interceptions versus seven touchdowns and in two games this season nobody on the Broncos offense scored a touchdown.

For this, Manning has been largely criticized and his regression is causing him to lose his elite status in the NFL in the eyes of some folks. Yet, the Broncos are winning and running back Ronnie Hillman, he doesn’t want to hear his quarterback continue to be criticized by what he calls “fake fans.”

Even the embattled quarterback, after throwing three interceptions in Sunday’s narrow win over the Cleveland Browns in overtime, acknowledged the current state of the team.

“We’re not playing as well as we would like but we’re playing well enough to win,” Manning said after the game via It’s the defense credited with giving the Broncos a perfect season, so far.”

At this point, the Broncos are just getting by and are managing wins because of their defensive unit. There is no way Manning and the Broncos are going to remain undefeated when the come back after their bye and face the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals over the next two months.

The Broncos nearly lost to the Cleveland Browns of all teams, when Manning threw his third interception in overtime. Fortunately for the Broncos, the Browns couldn’t get much going on their next possession and Denver was able to get close enough on their next drive to set up Brandon McManus for a 34-yard field goal.

While we are all wondering what’s happening with Manning while the Broncos are getting lucky with their wins, it is nice to see Hillman and other Broncos teammates going out to bat in support of their quarterback. Perhaps a much-needed bye could just be the ticket for what Manning needs in order to regroup.

At least that is what Manning’s fantasy football owners are hoping for from the spaghetti-armed aging quarterback.

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