Russell Wilson and Seahawks Reportedly “10s of Millions” Apart From Settling a Deal

Russell Wilson and Seahawks Reportedly “10s of Millions” Apart From Settling a Deal

Contract negotiations between the Seattle Seahawks and their quarterback Russell Wilson seem to be stuck in neutral. Reportedly, the two parties are still “10s of millions” apart according to ESPN 710’s Danny O’Neil.

Eventually, a contract will get done. However the fact is Wilson still remains severely underpaid for a quarterback who has helped lead the team two Super Bowls including one championship. Although, this is due to Wilson being a third-round selection from 2012.

Earlier reports had indicated that the Seahawks were planning to make Wilson the highest paid NFL player and now it appears they may be regretting letting that handy little detail slip out.

O’Neil further reported on some of the numbers being tossed around by the Seahawks:

In fact, the Seahawks haven’t put $100 million on the table right now. The offer of a four-year extension is believed to be worth closer to $80 million.

Something in the $80 million range would have Wilson being paid close to Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Andy Dalton versus that of Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger who just inked a $99 million deal earlier this year.

At this time, though it would appear that the reported $80 does not look like a number that Wilson’s side is not happy with. Eventually, the Seahawks will hit that magic number because they certainly aren’t going to let a gem like Wilson walk.

It’s all a waiting game at this point. Although it would be prudent for both sides to come to terms prior to the start of training camp because this little dilemma is just going to get bigger as that time approaches.

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