Are the Seattle Seahawks Considering Richard Sherman for Wide Receiver?

It’s certainly obvious that Seattle Seahawks are struggling at the wide receiver position as they are currently the NFL’s 30th ranked team when it comes to passing. So, is cornerback, Richard Sherman the answer to the Seahawks’ struggles?

Pete Carroll weighed in on the topic of using Sherman, who did play as a wideout at Stanford, for that same position in the Seahawks’ offense when he spoke with KIRO-FM (via, stating..

He’s been very clear in that intent for a long time around here. It’s always been a conversation that we’ve had, and if I need him, I’m going to him, and he knows that.

He was a good receiver growing up and he has tremendous catching range and all that as we’ve witnessed in his defensive play, and he would love to do it. So he’s ready. If we get in an emergency situation, he knows I’m coming to him.

Even Sherman joked about the idea earlier in the week, commenting..

I’d be pretty good. Shoot you can hardly touch ’em (receivers). So if you could hardly touch me, I’d have a nice day.

Exactly what consists of an “emergency” remains to be seen. However, do note the Seahawks haven’t crossed the 200-yard passing mark in their last four games, which is pretty awful. Could Sherman see some receiving action this Sunday when the Seahawks host the Arizona Cardinals if Doug Baldwin and crew are tanking? I’d say there is a distinct possibility.

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