See Which Fantasy Football Players You Should Drop or Trade

See Which Fantasy Football Players You Should Drop or Trade

It’s Week 7 in the fantasy football season, and let’s face the fact that several fantasy players we’ve drafted have struggled and must either be dropped or perhaps traded. If any of the following players are causing you grief week after week and you find yourself tempted to drop or trade them, then read on.

Fantasy Players to Drop:

Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Washington Redskins

See which Fantasy football players you should drop or trade

Clearly, RGIII is just not the same, even if he is on schedule to return soon now that he’s practicing. And once RGIII comes back, he’s one clumsy fall or slide away from watching from the sidelines.. especially with a healthy and capable Kirk Cousins ready to fill should RGIII falter. Surely you’ve found a sound replacement for RGIII anyway, so let him go. If you can’t bring yourself to drop, then try to trade him.

Donald Brown, Running Back, San Diego Chargers

With the hot rookie Branden Oliver in the picture and Ryan Mathews returning soon, there’s no sense hanging onto to the sluggish Brown.

Maurice Jones-Drew, Running Back, Oakland Raiders

The MJD experiment in Oakland has been a total bust in 2014. McFadden is still healthy and the Raiders have developed a nice passing game. MJD has only 11.6 total fantasy points this season. Why is he sitting on your bench?

Toby Gernart, Running Back, Jacksonville Jaguars

He’s proving to be utterly useless, he’s constantly injured and the Jags are always behind forcing them to abandon the run game. Any questions?

Chris Johnson, Running Back, New York Jets

Johnson has only 200 rush yards and two touchdowns in six games. He’s a waste of roster space in a sub-par offense.

Terrance West, Running Back, Cleveland Browns

With a healthy Ben Tate rocking the run game and Isaiah Crowell clearly the second best, West offers little value.

Lorenzo Taliaferro, Running Back, Baltimore Ravens

With only 40 rush yards and a fluky two touchdowns and Justin Forsett playing at such a high level, Taliaferro is a drop. Plus Bernard Pierce is second man on the totem pole.

Cordarrelle Patterson, Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings

What has Patterson done for your fantasy team in 2014? Nothing, or very little with zero touchdowns and only 204 yards in addition to a struggling rookie under center. Sorry to all those, including me who wasted a fifth-round draft pick on Patterson.

Hakeem Nicks, Wide Receiver, Indianapolis Colts

Nicks has managed two touchdowns, but he rarely gets any looks from Andrew Luck and only has 17 catches. You can do better.

Fantasy Football Players to Trade:

Matthew Stafford, Quarterback, Detroit Lions

Stafford is a mix of hot and cold. You start him when he sucks, then bench him when he’s great. He’s really not so great without Calvin Johnson, so perhaps build him up that he’ll reward later in the season with Megatron back. If you have another suitable quarterback like Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Jay Cutler or Tony Romo, you’re in fine shape.

You should be able to land a decent RB and an WR for Stafford.

Alfred Morris, Running Back, Washington Redskins

He should make for decent trade bait as likely he’s been warming your bench for weeks with his lackluster production. The potential is there if you need say a wide receiver and your victim can use running back depth.

C.J. Spiller, Running Back, Buffalo Bills

See if you can pimp him out as Fred Jackson’s handcuff. Unfortunately, Spiller hasn’t scored and is taking you on a downhill ride this season.

Zach Stacy, Running Back, St Louis Rams

Stacy only has 240 rushing yards and one touchdowns to show as your RB2. Clearly the Rams are using a RB committee. So, why are you still holding on to or starting the 36th ranked fantasy football running back week after week?

Bishop Sankey, Running Back, Tennessee Titans

Are you still waiting for the week Sankey goes off? Yeah, we all are and it could happen – but when? If you’re tired of waiting, find that one person who still believes in Sankey and gives you someone who actually is producing now.

Frank Gore, Running Back, San Francisco 49ers

So far, Gore has only one rushing touchdown and 403 yards over six games. He’s boom or bust depending on if the team wants to use him or make him sit looking all sad from the sidelines. The 49ers are giving more touches to rookie Carlos Hyde, who couldn’t rush in a one-yard touchdown last week against the Rams to save his life. With Gore seeing less work, but still producing well when he does play, he’ll be an easy guy to trade for a position you really need.

Keenan Allen, Wide Receiver, San Diego Chargers

Maybe someone will think that Allen will suddenly get in the groove, but with zero touchdowns and only 296 receiving yards, he’s wasting your time, and rewarding very little. Raise your hand if you keep starting him and he’s causing you to lose..

Larry Fitzgerald, Wide Receiver, Arizona Cardinals

Perhaps you can sell Fitz high due to the fact he is coming off of a touchdown game. Otherwise, he’s just going to keep sitting on the pines.

Wes Welker, Wide Receiver, Denver Broncos

Play up the fact it was just a fluke that Welker only had one target to his nine in his other both games. He’s a PPR machine, right? Tell that to your potential trade partner.

Roddy White, Wide Receiver, Atlanta Falcons

White is slow out of the gate and is on the verge of being a drop. See if there are any takers, building up the fact that Matt Ryan throws the ball tons.

Torrey Smith, Wide Receiver, Baltimore Ravens

This is the perfect time to sell Smith high if you need a running back, or a tight end. Coming off his two touchdown game he looks great. However, he’s still the 47th ranked fantasy wide receiver.

A.J. Green, Wide Receiver, Cincinnati Bengals

If you need help now, and an injured Green on your bench isn’t cutting it, offer him out as someone who will boost a team as playoffs approach. Someone will bite.

Jason Witten, Tight End, Dallas Cowboys

Witten isn’t getting the job done this season with only one touchdown. However, his name carries a lot of clout when it comes to tight ends, so see where you can deal him to someone who has a real loser in the TE position.

If you come up with any more players, tweet me know and I’ll add your tweet to the list. Clean tweets only please.

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