Swimming or Football? Jason Witten Wears Swim Goggles to Practice

Swimming or Football? Jason Witten Wears Swim Goggles to Practice

Courtesy: fantasyfootballdrafting.com Jason Witten

During this week’s minicamp practices, Dallas Cowboys tight end coach, Mike Pope had star tight end, Jason Witten and the teams other tight ends sporting swim goggles during pass catching drills.

Witten explained this unusual method limits the peripheral vision, so players have to rely upon their instincts, as reported via ESPN..

You can’t see out of the corner of your eyes so it makes you focus on your head has got to take you to the ball.

Along with the swim goggles, Witten practiced with medicine balls and took duck-walks, which enhances hip movement when blocking, a important duty for tight ends.

Furthermore, Witten had this to say..

He’s the guru of tight ends, Witten said. “It’s pretty neat to be around a guy like that that’s had so much experience.

Pope was hired in January after 14 seasons with the New York Giants. One of his main goals is to work on the development of Gavin Escobar, the second-round draft pick from 2013, who only caught nine passes during his first season.

Escobar is monstrous 6′-6″ and 249 pounds and eventually could become a powerful duo in combination with Witten.

Keep Escobar in mind as a fantasy football sleeper should a breakout in his production start shining through sometime in 2014. -FFC

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