Why has Washington Redskins’ Pierre Garcon Disappeared in 2014?

Washington Redskins’ wide receiver Pierre Garcon lead in receptions last season, but has looked more like a disappearing act in 2014. Coach Jay Gruden weighed in on why we’re seeing less of Garcon per the Washington Post (via NFL.com) by stating..

We tried to get Pierre involved early in the game and for whatever reason his targets are down and that’s on us as play-callers.

Well, fantasy football owners have all but given up their wide receiver who has only 43 catches and 464 yards over 10 games this year. At this pace Garcon will fall incredibly short to the 1,346 yards on 113 catches he received last season. Even with the addition of DeSean Jackson, Garcon was to have been on course receive about 70 catches in 2014. That’s a bet I certainly would not take this late into the season.

Garcon commented on the situation adding..

It’s all being on the same page and seeing what the defense is showing.

In my opinion, Washington has got to start getting Garcon the ball more often, but for some reason, no matter who is quarterbacking, Garcon gets left out. In what should have been a dynamic receiving duo this season in Garcon and Jackson, Garcon falls completely short, currently ranking 49th among his fellow wide receivers.

Gruden leaves many questions unanswered and remains to struggle with getting on the same page with both Robert Griffin III and Garcon as clearly shown by their pitiful 3-7 record thus far in 2014.

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