Watch: Richard Sherman Blows Kisses at 49ers’ Crowd

Watch: Richard Sherman Blows Kisses at 49ers’ Crowd

After completely taking the San Francisco 49ers to the cleaners on their home turf, Seattle Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman blows kisses into the crowd of 49ers’ fans.

And, why not? Sherman intercepted Colin Kaepernick twice. The 49ers were a complete disaster. When the guy with the most receiving yards on the 49ers’ offense was running back Carlos Hyde, them something has severely gone wrong with the team. Of course Sherman was having a field day mocking his No. 1 rivalry team who couldn’t come up with even one touchdown in a staggering 3-19 loss to the Seahawks.

Kiss this game goodbye 49ers, because you were completely and sadly outplayed at home by your worst enemy. And, when Richard Sherman is sucking up all of your fantasy football points, you might begin to wonder if there is some type of secret conspiracy going on between Kaep and Sherman. Do they have some type of FanDuel arrangement going on?

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