What was Wes Welker Thinking? Suspended for PED’s

What was Wes Welker Thinking? Suspended for PED’s

courtesy: eblitznfl.com
courtesy: eblitznfl.com

Denver Broncos’ wide receiver reportedly has been suspended for four games due to violating the NFL’s performance enhancing drug (PED) policy, per NFL Media’s Albert Breer. Not sure what Welker was thinking back when he violated the policy, but definitely not a brilliant move on his part.

Not only is Welker nursing his third concussion since with the team, he’s been dabbling around in the PEDs. Due to his four-game suspension, and his knack for getting injured, Welker has very little appeal as a draft prospect at this time. If you already own him, my condolences, and hopefully you have some great flex backups to plug into his spot.

It has been reported that Welker’s test came out positive back in May, so the suspension shouldn’t be too surprising to the Broncos, as Welker has been notified that he lost an appeal that took place a couple of weeks ago.

In the meantime, Emmanuel Sanders fantasy value earns a sweet boost, along with that of veteran Andre Caldwell, and tight end Julius Thomas.

Come on Welker.. duh.

Coincidentally, wasn’t this around the time Welker was running amok passing out $100 dollar bills after a big win at the Kentucky Derby? I’m thinking he might have dipped into some horsey substances..

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