What Happened to Broncos’ Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas in Week 14?

What Happened to Broncos’ Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas in Week 14?

Denver Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning and top wide receiver Demaryius Thomas both had their absolute worst performances of the season in Week 14, devastating fantasy football owners and those who started them in daily leagues, nationwide. So what happened?

Not a whole heck of a lot for either one of them who just as soon let running back C.J. Anderson run ragged and score all the touchdowns and fantasy points for the team.

First of all, Manning was completely off in yesterday’s game against the Buffalo Bills. Thankfully, the team still won, but Manning contributed very little to the Broncos’ victory. Manning threw for only 173 yards, accomplished his usual handful of negative rushing yards, went without a touchdown which hasn’t happened in ions and threw two picks. Grand total of fantasy points your No. 1 pick earned you was 2.7. If you paid top dollar Manning in daily leagues, you got robbed.

Let’s just say only a small handful of quarterbacks did worse than Manning Sunday, and those guys were Brian Hoyer, RGIII and Zach Mettenberger before injured.

As for Demaryius Thomas, he may as well not have even played yesterday as he ranked 89th among his fellow wide receivers in fantasy points. Two catches on only five targets for a meager 11 yards equating to 1.1 fantasy points was an incredible disappointment if you were banking on his points to advance your fantasy team into playoffs. Nevermind the big money we wasted on him in FanDuel and Draft Kings leagues. This was Thomas’ worst performance of the season by far.

Fantasy owners of both Manning and Thomas really need these two guys to play strong next week against San Diego. With playoffs continuing, or perhaps just starting in Week 15, we can’t afford another week of such little action from either one of them. Raise your hand if Manning and/or Thomas cost your team a win yesterday?

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