What These 10 NFL Players Were Up To This Past Week

I thought it would be fun, since I’m missing the regular NFL season so much, to write periodically about what some of our favorite, or not so favorite NFL players are up to during the offseason.

1. Tom Brady And His Stroller Dog

Why make your dog walk in the snow? That’s sad and just plain freezing on his little paws. Sacrifice your two-year old, tell him to man-up and make in walk in the snow.

2. Robert Griffin III and his Subway

A little logo pimping and a footlong made RGIII’s day. How many miles on the treadmill will he have to do to burn those calories off?

3. It’s Richard Sherman’s Birthday

Looks like Michael Crabtree couldn’t make it to the party. Or perhaps his invitation got intercepted.

4. Richie Incognito Call Him Maybe

Someone must be lonely, because who tweets phone number out to millions of people asking them to call him? Just how many calls did he get? Or even worse, maybe none at all.

5. Arian Foster Draft Day

Foster kept company with the cast of the upcoming movie, “Draft Day” in the names of Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner. Can’t wait to see this movie!

6. Mark Sanchez’ Haircut

It’s been a busy week for Sanchez who was dropped by the Jets, then signed with the Eagles. But most importantly, he got rid of that sloppy mop of green headbanded hair and got a haircut!

7. Ray Rice Ties The Knot

What’s more special than finding out your being indicted by a Grand Jury? Getting married, of course. Ray Rice brought his own punch to the ceremony, of course.

8. Dez Bryant’s Rules

Bryant has been on a short leash with the Cowboys ever since 2012. We all know he gets kind of hostile at times and for some reason, a reporter thought we needed to be reminded about Bryant’s list of restrictions and rules, which has been the talk of Facebook and Twitter all week. So why not act out harshly and remind everyone once again why we have the rules.

9. Eric Decker’s Reality Show

Perhaps anticipating he wouldn’t be playing with the Denver Broncos this season, Decker needs to keep in the spotlight as he debuts in his second season of his reality show, airing this week. If he can’t play with a winning team, at least you can watch the hunk and his hot wife on TV together.

10. Larry Fitzgerald – there are some good NFL players out there

What kid would not want to attend a youth camp sponsored by Larry Fitzgerald? Class act here with this guy.

That’s it for this week in the NFL.

Courtesy: Zimbio.com
Larry Fitzgerald

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