Worst Week 2 Fantasy Performances; Let the Tweet-Fest Begin

Worst Week 2 Fantasy Performances; Let the Tweet-Fest Begin

courtesy: trespatadas.com
courtesy: trespatadas.com

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers had one touchdown and three awful interceptions. Oh, and there’s the inappropriate language.

Tony Romo, with one touchdown, zero interceptions (thank goodness), but only 176 yards? And, hasn’t Romo been a work in progress for like 20 years?

Ryan Matthews injured once again with a sprained MCL – SHOCKER!

Toby Gerhart is becoming a major letdown. Let’s give him the ball to run, please.

Jamaal Charles wasn’t used much last week, and now he injures his ankle. What next?

Reggie Bush really got shut out by the Panthers’ Defense.

That brings us to Marques Colston who might as well have been a no-show, because Drew Brees bypassed Coltson altogether.

Allen Hurns – wow 3.30 fantasy points. Sorry if you fell for a guy who left on crutches in Week 2.

Let’s hear it for Pierre Garcon’s and Chris Johnson’s big dud day.

The San Francisco 49ers Defense let a guy with a bad ankle score all day long against them. Time to re-think this plan.

If you started two or more of these guys, you probably lost your Week 2 game.

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