Zach Mettenberger on Odell Beckham’s Amazing Catch: “He’s Had Better”

Zach Mettenberger on Odell Beckham’s Amazing Catch: “He’s Had Better”

Tennessee Titans rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger is no stranger to New York Giants’ rookie wide receiver Odell Beckham, who knows a little something about Beckham’s catching capabilities. Both Mettenberger and Beckham played college football at LSU together, so Mettenberger has thrown a few balls Beckham’s way and he has a different opinion of Beckham’s one-handed touchdown catch from two weeks ago.

Mettenberger had this to say regarding Beckham in a conference call to New York Giants’ reporters..

He’s had better. Both him and [Miami Dolphins and former LSU receiver] Jarvis Landry. That was not a surprise for anyone who’s been around those two guys for the last three years.

Trust me. If you could get your hands on some of the practice film from LSU, you would see what I’m talking about.

So, while Beckham’s one-handed, three-fingered to be exact, catch against the Dallas Cowboys two games ago is still a hot topic of conversation, Mettenberger seems less than impressed. Is that because he and the 2-10 Tennessee Titans host the 3-9 New York Giants in Week 14? Likely, the two won’t discuss Beckham’s amazing touchdown catch from two weeks ago when they face each other as opponents.

But surely the two could be discussing any touchdowns that Beckham scores against a Titans’ defense this week – you know the defense who just let WR DeAndre Hopkins completely go off and rob them for 238 receiving yards and two touchdowns?

Yes. Look for Beckham to exploit the Tennessee Titans’ defense this week and then we’ll see what Mettenberger has to say about the stud wide receiver and former college pal.

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